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Crush It!

It’s all about an attitude

The Crush It Manifesto

“Crush It” is not just a slogan for our wellness program – it’s all about an attitude. It’s an attitude only YOU can find on a wellness journey only YOU can take. It’s about unlocking the real you and all your potential.

The essence of the “Crush It” philosophy is you only get one shot at life, so why not live it?

Often, our lives get so wrapped up in work and everyday stress that we start to ignore things that truly matter most. And as a result - if we’re honest here - we can get off track.

We load work stress on our backs and take it home. We wake up with stress, we have relational stress, financial stress and the list goes on. We’re even stressed about our stress! One day slips into another day and then another, and the next thing you know you’ve ignored taking your walk - or any kind of exercise - or even getting outside to enjoy fresh air. Maybe your back hurts, your head hurts, other stuff hurts and your heart starts to hurt. Food choices start to slip and the next thing you know you’re in REALLY stretchy pants. Most everybody has been there… and often more than once. And if you haven’t been there, well, your day is probably coming.

To “Crush It” means to find that place where you are truly enjoying and embracing life and then continue to improve it. It’s all about us as real people, not some air-brushed stereotypes.

It’s a place where you are pushing yourself toward better health by taking care of your mind, body and social well-being. It’s about embracing what’s important to YOU and living life at peace with yourself and those around you. Some of you might already crush it. Others might need to begin the journey or start over again. It’s about not holding yourself back any more.

It’s about making that decision to spend more time with loved ones, to make new friends, set some goals, have better boundaries, start believing in yourself, play an accordion, see a doctor, learn to dance, make a tough phone call, get some exercise, get some therapy, start wearing plaid, volunteer for a cause, laugh more and rock your potential. It’s about stepping past the fear, the numbness, the pride or whatever is holding you back.

“Crush It” is about stepping over the edge and leaping into the abyss of the unknown called the future, knowing it is the adventure of a lifetime. And the “leap” can involve just a little step or a single change in your life to start the journey.

It’s about understanding the power of Day 1, because it all starts on your Day 1 with that single step. And let’s face it, every day is really Day 1 – the chance to start for the first time, or to start over, or to just keep going.

So, what’s holding you back? Let’s be bold and start Day 1 together, because isn’t that better than taking the journey alone?

It’s time. It’s now. Don’t hold back.

Crush It.

Crush It!