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Walk Across America

Wellness . . . one step at a time!


A simple wayFor a healthier life

Walking is a great way to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The Walk Across America program is designed to be a fun way to get exercise, develop relationships and enjoy a better life.

Join us for a virtual Walk Across America as part of the Stanislaus County Club Wellness program. Teams of County employees will be virtually walking across the U.S. and competing for exciting prizes along the way.

As a reminder, before you dive into any kind of fitness program, it’s always recommended to check with your healthcare provider.

What division should I join? So this part is REALLY IMPORTANT!!!

All participants will need to identify their expected level of participation to ensure that you are in the right place during our journey across America. Imagine watching the Tour De France and seeing a casual bicyclist pull up to the start line with their beach cruiser…..or imagine showing up to your weekly softball league and having Buster Posey step up to the plate for the other team….get the point? This program is designed for everyone with equal prizes available for every division, so make sure you take the time to pick the division that’s right for you!



I’m ready for fun, but I’m not trying to win any awards or blow away the competition. I may want to increase my activity, but don’t stress me out if I don’t hit my goals or cross the finish line first!



I’m ready for the challenge! I’m going to set goals and challenge myself to push hard from start to finish. I want this program and my team to push me to achieve great results, so let’s go for it!


  • Decide what division you would like to participate in: Recreation, Challenge; see definitions and don’t get stuck in the wrong division!
  • Decide if you would like to join as an individual or as a team.
  • If joining as an individual, send your name and division no later than October 25th to; we will add you to a team in your same division.
  • If joining as a new team, find 5-10 co-workers who would like to participate in your same division. Elect a team leader to send one email no later than October 25th to with the name and email address of each team member, along with your team name and division.
  • You will receive an email notification once you have been registered with instructions for accessing the Walking Works system.
  • For existing teams – you are already enrolled in this Walk to Phoenix. Sign in to your Walking Works account to double check your status.
  • Final step… lace up your sneakers for the second leg in our Walk Across America journey.

Rules for the ProgramStart Date: November 5, 2017.

Join us on a virtual cross country “Walk Across America” as part of the Stanislaus County Club Wellness initiative. Teams of county employees will have the chance to virtually walk across the nation and compete for exciting prizes along the way.


Teams composed of county employees will monitor their weekly walking and running progress, submit their distances through an online program called WalkingWorks® (a Blue Cross Blue Shield program that allows you to track your physical activity, set fitness goals and see your ongoing progress) and compete to be the first teams to arrive at specific destinations as they “Walk Across America”.

Teams will consist of 5-10 employees. Employees can either form their own teams, or individual employees can sign up as “Free Agents” to be placed on a team by Walk Across America Officials.

Teams will be divided into two divisions: Recreation and Challenge. At the start of each leg, teams may be placed into a new division based upon the results of the previous leg. In order to ensure that teams from each division arrive at each destination at roughly the same time, a distance multiplier will be applied to the Recreation and Challenge category. More information will be provided later about the application of the multiplier system as the competition progresses.

Individuals will report the distance they have covered in WalkingWorks® to the nearest tenth of a mile (i.e. 2.88 miles is approximately 2.9 miles). Participants are free to report distance as often as they would like so long as they report the distances they traveled the previous week by noon on Monday. For the purpose of this competition, a week runs from 12:01AM Sunday – 11:59PM Saturday. Walk Across America Officials will report the distance each team has traveled based on the team average the next business day (exceptions will be made on holidays landing on a Monday). Teams will be asked to designate a Team Captain to encourage and remind team members to log in and key in their step data, as well as to serve as the official team contact.

All teams who make it to the finish line by the deadline will have each team member entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of the grand prizes. Each new destination is considered a separate leg of the competition, and the team roster can be changed.

Why should employees consider participating in this competition? It’s a great way to get healthier while having fun with your co-workers. There are also some really cool prizes along the way! Members of teams that arrive at the Winners’ Circle at each destination will be entered into the Grand Destination Prize Drawing.

To celebrate reaching the thrid destination in the competition (Phoenix) all teams who make it will have each team member entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of two grand prizes. Since we can’t send everyone to opening day, we’re doing the next best thing….tickets to Opening Day for either the A's or Giants and a day off to attend!

The virtual starting point will be at Tenth Street Plaza in Modesto, California, from which we will embark on a journey to various destinations (destinations subject to change throughout the competition) .

In order to compete in this competition, competitors are required to track the distances they run and walk. One great option to consider is buying a pedometer to track the distances walked in your normal day-to-day activities. Pedometers range in price from $1.00 to over $100 – generally; the less expensive ones will be the least accurate. A pretty good pedometer can be purchased from any major retail store (such as Walmart or Target) for under $10.

With a smartphone, such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, participants can track their distance data by using either the Apple Health App or the Samsung S Health App. Those without an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone can search for other free distance tracking applications, including: Map My Walk; Runkeeper; Strava; Map My Run; Garmin Mobile Connect; Nike+; Runtastic; Wahoo; Movescount; Charity Miles; and Localeikki.

Those individuals with any other wireless-enabled wearable technology device that tracks number of steps (i.e. Fitbit, Garmin Vivofit, etc.), are not required to purchase a pedometer. All individual team members will be required to report their activity every week through the WalkingWorks® program. Team captains are encouraged to remind team members to log in and key in their step data.

Alternatively, competitors may utilize distance maps for popular walking routes around County Facilities. Employees should feel free to create and share their own maps of routes around town using Google, Apple, or Bing Maps to track their distances. Participants can even track route distances utilizing a car’s odometer.

In the end, this is a friendly competition and participants are expected to enter their distances in good faith.

Note: These rules are subject to change as this is our first Walk Across America competition. Walk Across America Officials may make some adjustments in order to keep everyone on the same pace, and teams may be moved into a different category after each virtual destination point.

Disclaimer: Links or references to other information or organizations are for reference only and do not constitute an endorsement. The County of Stanislaus is not responsible for content on referenced sites.